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Customer Service

Customer Service page

Who is it for?
This course is for all customer facing staff, exploring foundation customer service skills and creating a proactive approach to delivering an excellent customer experience.

What does it cover?
Customer Service (defining, measuring and managing)
Customer Expectations
Behaviours and Cultures
Relationship Management

This course is designed to provide a structured approach to understanding the increasing demands of today’s customers. Customer service can often be the determining factor in any business’s success and with greater choice and accessibility to alternatives, the way in which we deliver a customer experience is becoming increasingly important. Basic customer communication, awareness of issues, managing expectations and measuring success can all be found in this course.

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Customer service and the way we manage our customers is a highly important aspect in today’s marketplace. This course provides a structured framework to enable participants to be able to develop their current approach, manage personal and team behaviours and develop a proactive and continued method to consistently improve the customers experience.

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