IAAF Professional Parts Advisor Programme 

Working in partnership with ASC WebCoach Automotive

The IAAF Training Offering

The ASC WebCoach Professional Parts Advisor Programme is a comprehensive, role specific programme designed for both retail and trade parts Advisors and Managers and is designed to develop automotive parts sales performance. The aim of this blended programme is to provide IAAF members with updated and refined customer handling skills, leading to increased customer experience, increased performance and increased staff retention.

Based on a proven approach to blended learning to create consistent, sustained improvements across all areas of parts sales and customer service, resulting in improved productivity and customer engagement.

Proactive Parts Sales

Short course version available now

This virtual course is designed to identify best practice in sales attitude, techniques and activity levels and adapt your approach to deliver an improved customer experience, leading to an increase in consistent sales performance.

Effective Customer Relationships

Coming in 2024

This virtual course is designed to identify clear standards and objectives to create a culture for providing consistently great customer service. To develop own customer management, knowledge and skills and consider customer service and customer satisfaction as key business priorities.

Complaint Handling

Coming in 2024

This virtual course is designed to develop confidence in identifying, engaging with and managing customer issues, conflicts and complaints that occur throughout the sales process. Improving confidence through a structured approach designed to reduce customer issues and provide a more enjoyable customer experience.


The core 3 courses will be available to purchase either separately per course per learner, or as a package with access to all courses for up to 20 learners. All prices below exclude VAT.

(Full launch including additional courses coming Summer 2024)

ASC WebCoach Approach

ASC WebCoach have been designing, developing and deploying Virtual Training solutions since 2010 and classroom based or in-business training and coaching since 2004. Our approach is scientific in the way we design and develop core materials that ensure the virtual solution is both effective and measurable.

As a specialist provider it is our goal to provide the industry with an easy to access, engaging and cost-effective training solution that fits alongside your business in delivering consistent knowledge, skills and behaviours improvement, linked to both sales and aftersales performance.

In order to achieve this, we have developed a comprehensive blended approach that encompasses:

1/ Virtual Classroom Training

90-minute dedicated virtual sessions that include, presentations, discussions, quizzes, interactions and downloads. We keep a highly engaging pace and utilise a ‘Broadcast’ approach where learners can join in via text chat as and when they feel comfortable.

2/ The ASC WebCoach Academy (Hub)

The Hub is a browser-based learning platform where we host all of the e-learning materials, knowledge testing, assignment downloads and submissions, create discussions and share best practices.

3/ Work-based Assignments

In order to extend key learning points directly into the workplace, we provide structured assignments designed to help learners apply new knowledge and skills into their daily role to develop improvements in their performance. Each assignment is designed to take between 40-60 minutes allowing enough time to reinforce learning points without distracting from daily business goals.


The courses offer remote access that reduces any time out of the business while providing an accelerated learning experience. Knowledge, skills, and behaviours are directly embedded into the business through work-based assignments, knowledge checks, and individual 1-2-1 virtual coaching.

Proactive Parts Sales Short Course

Available now – Next course VCT sessions begin April 2024