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Networking Advanced Course

Networking Advanced

Networking Advanced builds on from the Networking Basics course and explores more effective techniques and approaches for advanced networking.

☑ Course Delivery Duration: 4 x 45 Minute Instructor led Virtual Classroom Training (VCT) Sessions
☑ Self-Study Duration: 2-4 hours self-study and work-based tasks
☑ Course Materials: Downloadable materials for this course include a detailed manual for each module, Plan-Do-Check-Act template, SMART actions template, four-square activity and 10 minute presentation templates. These materials will be used in the sessions and can be used after the sessions.

Course Details

  • Business Networkers
  • Sales Managers
  • Local Business Sales Executives
  • B2B Sales Executives
  • Business Development Managers
  • Networking Leaders (Leadership Team, Directors, Group Owners)

This course is designed to build knowledge, skills and behaviours for advanced networkers. Building on the foundation of Networking Basics to develop a professional approach to networking activity, best practice and fine-tuning networking skills to produce a greater return. Blending an ever increasing amount of networking activity into a busy schedule, refining communication skills and delivering powerful presentations, as well as developing a consistent approach to inviting new guests and helping your networking groups to grow, making you a key contributor, influencer and person of value.

By the end of this course participants will be able to:

  • Identify the actions required to be applied consistently to create success in networking
  • Identify specific business objectives in their networking activity
  • Demonstrate disciplined behaviours in relation to networking activity
  • Implement the Plan, Do, Check, Act model into their networking strategy
  • Demonstrate improved confidence in approaching and engaging with visitors, new and existing members
  • Demonstrate effective positive body language to create engagement with others
  • Recognise the value in conversational information gathering, in building trust and rapport with others
  • Describe the process of active listening
  • Consider the impact of absorbing and providing information between members
  • Recognise the value and impact of a professionally prepared and delivered presentation
  • Describe the core factors in presentation preparation and delivery
  • Create a structure to build a presentation
  • Identify and communicate USPs and KSPs
  • Consider the technology required to deliver and effective presentation
  • Identify engagement activities to increase audience participation
  • Develop techniques to increase their ability to describe their business well
  • Deliver an improved presentation with increased confidence
  • Describe the power of 3 when developing a core group or inviting guests
  • Recognise contacts within their sphere of influence
  • Increase their ‘footprint’
  • Consider guests by criteria and group need

This course is divided into four modules:

Understanding Activity
Identifying core actions and activities and planning activity levels designed to achieve a targeted referral goal, creating more consistent results in business opportunities gained.

Open Networking
Developing core communication skills to increase effective open networking, increasing your network and opening new opportunities, as well as creating an ‘influencer’ status within your networks.

10 Minute Presentations
Developing and delivering an outstanding presentation (based on a networking 10 minute format) to increase your credibility and standing. Structuring, creating content, understanding presentation equipment and delivering a confident and inspiring presentation.

Inviting Guests
Planning, preparation, engagement and commitment, key areas in creating a consistent approach to finding new referrals and expanding on the reciprocity required to attract referrals from your fellow members.

Content Examples:

Additional Information

Designed for networkers with 3-6 months experience or more, this course will challenge your knowledge, skills and behaviours and help to focus on effective core activities that lead to greater visibility and credibility within your group. Developing a greater understanding of networking activity and improving confidence in focussed networking conversations, presentations and activities designed to add value to your group. Through this course you will increase your confidence in being an influencer and key member and see a greater return on your investment through specific measured activities.

For group directors, leaders and managers, this course will help develop your growth strategies and provide a framework to help you grow and develop your group(s).

This course is designed to be engaging, easy to follow and to provide you with measurable improvements in your confidence, techniques, approach and results.


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