Customer Service

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Designed for all customer facing staff exploring foundation customer service skills and creating a proactive approach to delivering an excellent customer experience.

Consisting of 4 modules:

    • Customer Service
    • Customer Expectations
    • Behaviours and Cultures
    • Relationship Management

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About the Course

Course Delivery Duration: 2 x Half-day Instructor led Virtual Classroom Training (VCT) Sessions

Self-Study Duration: 2-4 hours self-study and work-based tasks

Course Materials: Downloadable materials for this course include a detailed manual for each module and a variety of other handouts and exercises. These materials will be used in the sessions and can also be used after the sessions.

Who is it for?

  • Customer Service Advisors
  • Service Advisors
  • Customer Service Managers
  • Retail Sales Advisors

Course Aims:
This course is designed to provide a structured approach to understanding the increasing demands of today’s customers. Customer service can often be the determining factor in any business’ success and with greater choice and accessibility to alternatives, the way in which we deliver a customer experience is becoming increasingly important. Basic customer communication, awareness of issues, managing expectations and measuring success can all be found in this course.

This course is divided into four modules:

Customer Service
This module is designed to introduce the participant to the core definition of customer service and identify the manageable components within this area in order to measure and improve the customer experience. Each section in this module looks at the finer points of understanding customer service as a process and a concept, and explores the best practice in delivering a consistently high standard of customer experience Including how we:

  • Define it
  • Measure it
  • Manage it

Based on the available information within the business to provide a more engaging and more satisfying customer experience, leading to improved customer service measures.

Customer Expectations
This module is designed to support participants in developing their understanding of customers’ expectations, how they are formed and how this impacts on the business. Through the effective use of customer feedback to measure current performance and make relevant changes in approach and best practice to improve where required. This module contains sections covering:

  • How are customer expectations formed?
  • How do we match our performance?
  • Customer service measurements
  • Understanding feedback
  • Adapting behaviours to improve the customer experience

Behaviours and Cultures
This module is designed to focus on the core mindset, behaviours and culture within a business in relation to delivering high levels of customer service and customer experience. Sections of this module include:

  • Instilling correct behaviours
  • Managing attitudes
  • Leading by example
  • Creating a culture within the business

Relationship Management
This module examines the role of relationship management in managing long-term customers to ensure a growing relationship. Sections in this module include:

  • Defining Relationships
  • Contact Strategy
  • Effective Communication
  • Feedback
  • Growing Sales through Relationship Management


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