Sales Basics

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A comprehensive introduction to sales foundation skills for all types of Sales Executives and Advisors.

Consisting of 4 modules:

  • Sales Overview
  • Communication
  • Sales Activity
  • Securing Commitment

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About the Course

Course Delivery Duration: 2 x Half-day Instructor led Virtual Classroom Training (VCT) Sessions

Self-Study Duration: 2-4 hours self-study and work-based tasks

Course Materials: Downloadable materials for this course include a detailed manual for each module, email and telephone word track templates and objection handling guides. These materials will be used in the sessions and can also be used after the sessions.

Who is it for?

  • Sales Executives and Advisers
  • Telesales Advisers
  • Sales Agents

Course Aims:
This course is designed to provide a detailed analysis of the basic foundations of selling. Exploring a zonal sales approach to understanding customer buying behaviours and identifying the knowledge, skills and behaviours required to maximise sales activity and opportunities. Suitable for new Sales Executives and experienced executives who want to refocus and refine their approach, as well as Sales Managers looking for a structured approach to develop their sales teams.

This course is divided into four modules:

Sales Overview
This module explores the whole of the sales process and considers the customer behaviour and buying motives throughout. Exploring a zonal approach to managing salesperson activity at each stage and refining the knowledge, skills and behaviours required to be consistently successful.

This module takes deep look at the basic communication techniques required for effective customer communication. Words, Tone, Questioning and Listening, as well as conversational techniques to develop effective qualification leading to a better/ improved customer relationship. Plus, the ability to deliver a more tailored product presentation or enhanced product/ service offering.

Sales Activity
Focussing on core sales activity required to effectively qualify, present, overcome objections and gain customer commitment. This module maps out the knowledge, skills and behaviours that are present in successful sales professionals and can be observed being displayed consistently. Understand each activity, how it should be applied and measuring the specific outcomes from each, that when combined, produce a consistent and effective result.

Securing Commitment 
Asking for business, closing or dealing is the key objective in sales activity and is often achieved inconsistently or poorly. Examining simple techniques and developing an understanding of how to achieve consistent customer commitment can often be the difference between success and failure.


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