Alan Scott

Alan, our lead trainer is often described as passionate and focussed. Alan has enjoyed a varied career working alongside some of the world’s largest brands and brings a wealth of experience. When asked to describe his approach to sales and customer service his answer is always ‘real world’.

Alan has been involved in learning and development since 2003 and virtual learning since 2010. Working alongside global brands to design, develop and deliver blended training and coaching in an enjoyable, engaging and educational way.

Alan has developed modules, courses, programme and curriculum for VW National Learning Centre, Honda Institute and the FCA Unetversity, as well as delivering classroom-based training, product familiarisation seminars (launches), conferences and workshops regionally, nationally and internationally.

Specialising in Sales, Customer Service and ‘Train the Trainer’ programmes, Alan has pioneered the blended learning approach for his clients, creating engaging and educational courses for a wide range of clients and learners.

Alans favourite quote says, “Success is neither magical nor mysterious, it is the natural consequence of consistently applying the basic fundamentals” (Jim Rohn) and this can be reflected in his approach to training. Focussing on a robust pedagogy, real world content and easily applied knowledge to support learners in developing new skills and increasing their comfort zones to deliver improved performance in whatever are required.

Drawing from his extensive experience in Customer Service, Sales, Sales Management and Business Development Alans courses provide a structured approach to learning, built around highly impactful content and delivered in a uniquely engaging way. Having designed, developed and delivered over 300 courses, workshops, programmes and eLearning modules across the automotive, leisure and small business sectors, his experience offers participants highly engaging, ‘Accelerated’ and ‘Experiential’ learning that brings convenience, low cost and accessibility direct to the workplace.

A keen motorcyclist, budding clay pigeon competitor and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Brown Belt!

Laura Royal

Laura is an Award-Winning Trainer and Coaching Addict who is learning obsessed.
In her nearly 20 years in the Learning and Development realm she has worked internationally for some massive Global Brands on shaping their engagement, coaching and learning cultures. She is an engaging public speaker and solutions-focussed trainer and coach who has a natural rapport, coupled with a collaborative style which is results focused and action oriented.

Her communication skills are second to none, demonstrating influence, clarity and diplomacy at all levels. Her approach is one that challenges historical practices and mindsets and engages the hearts and minds of the people she is working with. She works on the principle of embedding change by leading an organisation to deliver defined solutions to improve their overall business performance that is sustainable for future growth.

She has a thorough, supportive and energetic drive that motivates others and above all is someone who has a good sense of humour.

As an Organisational Development professional, she has vast experience of implementing and embedding exciting and cutting-edge learning and development solutions.

Laura is experienced in the design and delivery of various management and leadership training workshops in the areas of team coaching, influence and impact, public speaking and delivering presentations, coaching with NLP, managing people, building team relationships, team performance, coaching and feedback, objective setting, sales and customer service, communication skills and much more.

Laura’s Mum, Wee Ruby… told us that she drinks way too much tea, has a love for all things Garfield and is a cracking human being.