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About ASC

ASC – Who we are

ASC are a training provider with over 10 years’ experience in providing bespoke high-level training to the automotive and small business sectors. Having gained real world, practical experience in developing effective virtual training and coaching techniques to ensure learning objectives are achieved. Working with ever changing technology and incorporating up to date training materials to provide our learners with accessible, engaging and understandable training materials designed to support learning in the workplace.

Course Structure

Our courses and coaching programmes are designed to offer:

  • Easy to access materials and support
  • Comprehensive course notes, guides and supporting tools
  • Engaging instructor led virtual classroom session (WebCoach)
  • Flexible support

Every course is structured with clear learning objectives and our blended approach ensures learners are able to achieve these and grow beyond them in most cases. All of our products are designed to provide a flexible, accessible and engaging learning experience to inspire new behaviours, skills development and a measurable return on investment.

Return on Investment

Our approach is underpinned by a single question “So what?”, in this we mean that we question every course or coaching programme from the learners point of view. “So what?, Why should I, as a learner, invest my time and money into this training course or coaching programme?” with that in mind we develop every section, module, course and programme to provide the right level of information, support, perspective, guides and tools to:

  • Identify areas for development and improvement
  • Implement new knowledge, skills and actions into the workplace/ role/ job
  • Measure actions, activities and resulting performance
  • Identify the return on investment

Our approach blends theory, real world application and learning science to make our learning objectives achievable and realistic whilst at the same time linked to real world activity and results.

Our Experience 

Focusing on soft skills relating to sales, customer service, personal development and management, we have delivered:

  • Classroom Based Training Courses
  • Behavioural Change Events
  • Product Launches
  • Virtual Classroom Sessions
  • SCORM-based Learning

We have also pioneered the development and use of bite-size and micro learning materials to provide usable and accessible training materials and interventions into the business working environment, to deliver high levels of performance improvement with the minimal amount of time and financial investment. The result of this is immediate performance improvements in bite-size modules that do not require the learner to leave the workplace.

Expanding on this, we have also been instrumental in the design and delivery of focused and extended coaching programmes that utilise a blend of training solutions such as classroom based workshops, online training modules, coaching materials and bespoke in-business coaching sessions. Leading to measurable improvements in the business. This really helps the client to see where their investment goes.

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