ASC Coaching Programmes

As part of our growing offering, ASC are delighted to introduce our unique approach to business and personal coaching. As always, our passion is to provide the highest levels of coaching and development in a cost and time effective manner.

What is Coaching?

Coaching is unlocking a person’s potential to maximise their own performance. It is a process designed to improve knowledge, confidence and application to ensure maximum peak performance is achieved in any given scenario or environment. Coaching is becoming an essential part of today’s business world where goals are constantly changing. Developing awareness, clarity and confidence to achieve higher goals in a structured way.

Our approach focusses on two key areas:
– Self-Development
– Business Improvement

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Working as an individual, part of a team or in a role where you are constantly measured can put added stress into your day and over time this can cause self-doubt and a lack of confidence, leading to poor performance.

Self-development is the practice of identifying and recognising your daily challenges and working to set goals, develop your knowledge and applications of skills, as well as to remove ‘roadblocks’ that may slow you down or impede your progress.

Business Improvement

For a more business focussed approach with definitive, clear goals, we offer a more structured coaching programme designed to address the needs of your business, identify key measures and work to create the right processes, practices and mindset to achieve your business goals consistently.

Business Consultancy

Using a structured approach to examine your structure, process, people and controls within your business to map out, develop and implement new strategies, processes and measured goals, designed to create business improvement. Our proven approach has consistently demonstrated improvements in operational processes, sales and customer service activity and overall business performance.


A programme based on support, guidance and motivation designed to help you grow your business at your pace. Working on personal and business objectives, removing obstacles and measuring overall improvement and achievement of goals.


Short-Term Programme


Consists of 3 Coaching Sessions

Mid-Term Programme


Consists of 6 Coaching Sessions

Long-Term Programme


Consists of 10 Coaching Sessions

Bespoke programmes available on request.


Our Lead Coach Alan Scott is accredited by and a member of the Association for Coaching


Alan has been coaching and developing training for over 25 years for a variety of businesses. He has delivered programmes to small one-man-band businesses as well as global corporate companies.

Alan also currently holds a Accredited Certificate in Coach Training (ACCT) from the Association for Coaching.